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doot doot doot.

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a series of unfortunate events, abarat, alien sex fiend, all harry potter, almost famous, american beauty, american gods, beetlejuice, beirut, big fish, blade runner, blue velvet, brokeback mountain, chocolat, clueless, coil, covenant, dazed and confused, donnie darko, east of eden, edward ka-spel, einstuerzende neubauten, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, everything is illuminated, fear and loathing in las vegas, finding nemo, four weddings and a funeral, garden state, geek love, genitorturers, go!, haroun and the sea of stories, house of 1000 corpses, house of leaves, howl, imagica, johnny cash, jonathan strange and mr. norrell, kate bush, labyrinth, ladytron, les yeux sans visage, lord of the rings(all), magnetic fields, massive attack, middlesex, ministry, moulin rouge, natural born killers, neverwhere, nine inch nails, pan's labyrinth, patti smith, peggy lee, pirates of the caribbean 1-3, portishead, pride and prejudice, revolting cocks, rolling stones, schindler's list, secretary, sideways, silence of the lambs, sisters of mercy, sleepy hollow, squirrel nut zippers, stand by me, suspiria, tenebrae, the corpse bride, the cramps, the devil's rejects, the goonies!!!, the great and secret show, the harry potter series, the hitchiker's guide to the galaxy, the hotel new hampshire, the legendary pink dots, the motorcycle diaries, the name of the rose, the nightmare before christmas, the pianist, the presets, the prestige, the red tent, the red violin, the roominghouse madrigals, the simpsons movie, the tear garden, the unbearable lightness of being, the usual suspects, the world according to garp, thief of always, tori amos, v for vendetta, where the wild things are, wild at heart
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